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Hi Guys,

May, 05, 2016 23:26 AM


Due to many requests from customers and our men, who have dealt with the assembly of a x0xb0x Kit, or had problems during assembly, we thought about whether we should call an Worksh0p into life.
Therefore we ask you to send a e-mail to interested.
This Worksh0p will then deal with the techniques of soldering, but also the handling of the components as also with simple measurement techniques. At the end of Worksh0p so be it, that everyone participates because its has x0xb0x successfully completed.
For more ideas and suggestions on issues that should be addressed in the Worksh0ps, we are looking forward.

Your x0xsh0p Team
Hi Guys,

March, 16, 2016 21:20 AM

So, unfortunately, there are still got a few things on our webshop to do.

Since we are obliged to provide a web platform with safe, lawful sites available, the store is again not really accessible. If you want to order something, should be sent by e-mail to us.

Sorry again and thanks.
Your x0xsh0p Team

Hi Guys,
March, 14, 2016 6:55 AM

Thankfully our webshop running again. Now you could be back on all sides full access.
Sorry again for any inconvenience.

Hi dear people,

March, 13, 2016 7:30 AM

Due to a technical error, our webshop is temporarily unavailableThis we apologize.We are working flat out that the sh0p is as quickly as possible accessible.
We therefore ask you to send us your order via e-mail.

Thank you so much!
Your x0xsh0p team



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